recommended resources

The Internet presents us with a variety of great, free resources to help you grow as a Christian. Here are some of the best resources and sites available on the Internet.

  • The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

    The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals offers a wealth of resources from podcasts and radio ministries to books, blogs, conferences and more. You can dig in deeply and be richly rewarded! (The ministry of the Alliance was very instumental in helping Pastor Jason become a Reformed Presbyterian.)

  • monergism

    For those wanting to dig deeply into sound theology, offers an almost endless treasure trove of articles, sermons, lectures, videos, etc., all categorized and classified for easy access.

  • Bible gatewa y

    Bible Gateway is more than just an online Bible. Not only can you search multiple translations of the Bible, but you can also easily bring up commentary and study resources right alongside the text.

  • Blue letter bible

    This is a great resource for accessing the original languages of the Bible in a meaningful way. Each verse of the Bible is available in the original language with lexicon aids to help in understanding the meaning of words and the grammar.

ministries we recommend

You can find many ministries online, offering Bible teaching, sermons, theology and practical advice for Christian living. Many are wonderful, while others are questionable and still others are highly problematic. Here are some quality ministries we recommend: